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13 RICREA di A. Mensi & C.

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13 RICREA di A. Mensi & C.
13 RICREA di A. Mensi & C.
13 RICREA di A. Mensi & C.
13 RICREA di A. Mensi & C.
13 RICREA di A. Mensi & C.

Activity description

After 13 meetings, in 2007, it arises 13Ricrea. A group of women who compose an accurate design team completely dedicated to the reinterpretation of material intended to disuse. No longer usable materials, they become resources to create new objects. One eye focused on materials that recovery becomes a necessity and an ethical obligation towards our surroundings. This is Angel Mensi’s effort to imagine an eco-friendly future. 

The 13Ricrea philosophy results in a new way on the concept of resource. Issues and materials arising from recovery are sources from which to obtain to create new objects and design of new projects. The time and attention are devoted to the research and study of special materials. Reuse them in a new form, allows the use of what is already available. The projects aim to eco-sustainability. This requirement helps to minimize the environmental impact and, in many cases, it tries to make the production sites coincide with those of processing.

13Ricrea is a company made in Italy, versatile and modern, adopting the creativity not only in ethical and sustainable production processes, but also in meeting its refined clientele.


Furniture & equipment for residential & commercial spaces

Other key sectors

Cleantech & Green Chemistry
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